Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Note to certain persons (and you know who you are . . .)

Oh wait . . . Maybe you don't . . .

Common sense is your friend.
Trust us when we tell you this.

Actual conversation between me and a friend yesterday:

Him: Can I grab a glass of water? I need to take some aspirin.
Me: You've been taking an awful lot of aspirin lately . . .
Him: Yeah my tooth hurts and this is all I have. Do you have anything?
Me: Yeah, there's some Aleve in the medicine cabinet. You can take a couple of them if you want.
Him: Cool. Thanks. *takes 2 Aleve . . .*

An hour later . . .

Him: Hey, those work pretty good. I'm gonna take a couple more, OK?
Me: Dude, you just took two. You can't take any more for twelve hours.
Him: Oh really? Cuz they're working pretty good.
Me: That's because they're really strong, and you can't have any more right now. And if your tooth is really bothering you that much, you need to call the dentist.
Him: Oh, I already did. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. I guess it's pretty infected. But I need something for the pain because it really hurts.
Me: Well how long have you been taking the antibiotic?
Him: Oh I haven't filled it.
Me: What? Why not?
Him: Because I'm waiting until I need it.

Me: *beating head against wall . . .*


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