Monday, November 19, 2012

One Million Shades of Crazy . . .

This one simple fact about the controversial group "One Million Moms" is all I really need to know to tell me what page we're on here:

In June, OMM had a full on meltdown over a Father's Day ad that JC Penney ran showing a same sex couple. They moaned in droves about the fall of decent society, called for a nationwide boycott of the retailer, and vowed in swarms all over their Facebook page to 'never do business with Penney's again!' 

Remember that?

Theeeeeen, On Friday they posted this link to their Facebook page from the American Family Association (the AFA is OMM's mothership, just so you know) listing the retailers they consider 'naughty' or 'nice', and therefore worthy of their holiday - oops, sorry - Christmas patronage this year.

The criteria? Whether the company in question uses the term Christmas or Holiday in its advertising. The 'nice' stores use the word Christmas, and have been given OMM's stamp of approval for all of their seasonal needs. Lucky them. The 'naughty' Holiday stores (those Godless heathens) must be banned immediately, and boycotted at any cost - even if they are the only store in town that still has Furby's.  

Guess which list JC Penney is on? That's right. The 'nice' list.

Yeah, sorry kids. But you just can't straddle both sides of crazy like that and still expect intelligent people to take you seriously.

Happy Holidays

Well would ya look at that. Penney's has mysteriously disappeared completely from the list. Looks like someone took the time to look up the word 'hypocrite'


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