Tuesday, November 20, 2012

There are days . . .

When I spend my time reading interesting and informative articles in order to broaden my knowledge, and enrich my understanding of the world.

And then there are days when I tumble down the rabbit hole and find myself completely lost in the land of the internet discussion boards . . .

       PD in Vegas 3 days ago in reply to zagnut64
                I hope your wrong and she pulls her s**t together.

  • timbo44 3 days ago in reply to PD in Vegas
     Your is not you're, and you had to write something vulgar? 10 words in you're one sentence, and that's the depth of you're intellect?
  • Dave Jones 3 days ago in reply to timbo44
     You criticize someone for the using the wrong version of your/you're and then use the wrong version twice yourself. Classic fail.
  • rank 3 days ago in reply to timbo44
    Let me guess..... you failed grammar class too? Your comment proves you're not as smart as you might think.
  • Timbo44a 3 days ago in reply to timbo44
    Timbo, you, my friend, are an idiot. If you sit in the front row tomorrow in 2nd grade and listen reeeal hard, you might learn "your" an unteachable donkey.
  • JesusHDevil 3 days ago in reply to timbo44

    God, I love it here . . .


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